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September 14 2014


Tiny Gadget Can Scan Food, Medicines, Plants And Tell You All About It

Ms Hanaghan found this post and cooperatively sent it to me to repost, so thanks

Scientists have developed a new pocket-sized gadget that can scan different objects including food, plants and medicines and displays their chemical compositions in understandable terms.

For long we have wondered and relied on the food labels to analyze the amount of calories in a particular item. A group of scientists has developed a tiny gadget that gives the consumers the power of learning the chemical composition of almost every consumable product, including nutritional info like calories, carbs, sugars, and more. Consumer Physics, the Tel-Aviv, Israel based startup, created the pocket-sized food scanner called SCiO that can tell what the object is made of and send the information to the paired smartphone.

The company is currently working with a prototype of SCiO, which accurately scans and displays the required information on a smartphone. It has clearly impressed several people with its debut, as the product's Kickstarter campaign has already surpassed its pledged goal of $200,000 and is nearing $2.5 million with almost 12,000 backers.

The live demonstrations of SCiO have shown fascinating results. The tiny gadget scans a consumable food item such as cheese, an apple, or any other food item, and after two seconds it sends the information to the paired smartphone. The gadget can also identify the names of the medicines, ripeness of a fruit, quality of a cooking oil and plant hydrations by simply scanning it for two seconds. The company hopes to expand the gadget's support to scan various items such as jewels, clothes, cosmetics, plastics, pets and lot more, TechCrunch reports.

According to the report, Consumer Physics had previously raised over $5 million through OurCrowd. On Kickstarter, SCiO is the fifth most-funded tech campaign. On crossing the $2 million mark, the company is also keeping up its promise of offering SCiO apps to its backers for free for the next two years.

The gadget is compatible with iPhone 4S and higher models, iPad third generation and later and Android devices running 4.3 and above. According to the SCiO's production timeline, the final shipment of the gadget will start in December this year.
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